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Dear Bill,

Any auto repair shop will rate well with its customers when no problems occur with a part installed or a service performed. But the truly superior auto repair shops “pull away from the pack” when they can and do resolve a chronic problem, especially in an older automobile. Based on how you handled a recent “difficult to resolve” oil leak in my 1989 For LTD Crown Victoria, your company falls into the latter category, truly superior. I appreciate and thank you for your willingness to resolve this problem. One does not find many Bill’s in the automobile repair business these days.

As I told you when I first met you about 3 years ago, I have worked on my personal automobiles for over 35 years, and, when I was in college, I made my living doing auto repair work. At that time, I was a very good mechanic. When I had to discontinue performing my personal automobile maintenance a few years back due to health problems, I tried several different mechanics / repair shops (with varying levels of satisfaction) until I moved to the Keller area and met you. Since then, your shop has performed all general maintenance for my vehicles. You and your very competent and friendly office and shop personnel provide a great value at a fair price, backed up by honesty and integrity and a willingness to stand behind your work.

If any prospective customer would like a “living, breathing” recommendation of your repair shop and the quality of work you perform, please do not hesitate to have her / him contact me.

Thanks again for all you have done to resolve this recent oil leak problem and for all the service you have provided me over the past 3 or so years.

Eddie A. Williams

Dear Sir,

Hi! I realize you may not remember us, but five months back in March on a late Saturday afternoon, we came to you with car trouble. We had been headed down to central TX when our minivan began to smell. We had a car load of kids and were a long way from home. We began to pray. Thankfully, we were close to Keller. We had never been to Keller, much less knew who to even contact. Finally, after several failed attempts with other places and a phone book that produced nothing, we drove to AutoZone. There, they gave us your phone number. And, even though your business had closed for the day, you answered our call and told us to come on out for you to look at the problem. You quickly and graciously took care of the problem (a locked up fan) for us, free of charge. We wanted you to know how much we appreciated your willingness to help. You were our answer to prayer.

We don’t know if you have ever thought about prayer and how God hears our needs and answers us, but we know He is a living, true God and there is no other like Him. That Saturday afternoon, He took care of our needs with His great provision. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ask if you have ever known God personally. Have you ever realized who made you and why are you here? If you would, take the “Steps to Peace” book and read it someday, maybe not today or even next month, but at least keep it. That’s all we ask. It’s by Billy Graham, whom I am sure you know of. If you do know God in a personal way, maybe share this when someone comes through with a locked up fan or something. Also, please, accept this $50 gift card to T.G.I. Friday’s, as a small token of our appreciation. We hope you and your family or friends can enjoy it together. Thank you again so much for your help on that one Saturday afternoon. Thank you for letting God use you in a powerful way!

The Wes Burgess family


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. In the past year is seems I have been plagued with car problems. Under normal circumstance any time someone needs to take a car to a garage for a repair it is typically unpleasant and expensive. I have found you and your mechanics to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I have one new car and two older cars and each time I have had an issue with one of them, you quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem at a reasonable price. These days it can often be difficult to find someone you can trust to do the job and do it right. I have also stood in your shop and seen you work with other customers and I witnessed you stand behind your work.

I thought you should know that the kind of customer service you and your team have shown me will keep me coming back for my automotive needs. Your professionalism and your courtesy make you a big fish in a little pond. I will recommend Half Price Auto Repair every time I have an opportunity.

Thank you,
Sean Baugh, Customer for life.